Byte Shooter Tools BASIC V1.2


105 x 26 x 92 mms (w,h,d)

  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibly
  • K-Line 5-30 volt, Pullup-R 250, 500, 1000 ohm
  • L-Line 5-30 volt, Pullup-R 1000 ohm
  • CAN 50 000 – 1 000 000 bits/sec. Termination off, 60, 120 ohms
  • VPP 16 volt for BMW, alpha, Fiat, Mercedes, Porsche with chip 28Fxxx or CC460(the VPP will activate automatically to write the ECU)
Included in delivery:

– ByteShooter – BASIC
– Cable: OBD-16pin, BMW-ADS, Mercedes round / passenger car, USB-Cable-1.8m
– Installation-CD with software and documentation.
– Free Software-Module 1,2,4,5,7

Vehicle List: View Vehicle List

(Attention: the vehicle list also contains vehicles with J1850 interface, these are not feasible with ByteShooter BASIC.)

Module 009: VAG DSG DQ250 Temic TriCore

The software module 009 is for DSG controllers from Temic with TriCore processor.
Previously, it was only possible with the actual model to flash DSG DQ250 Temic PowerPC (Cxx software), but by a new feature of Temic through the use of the TriCore processor and the switch to CAN for newer cars no longer was possible. This is now possible with the module 009
What is Software as installed, the actual model shown in the message window at the ID issue.
More DSG gearbox as DQ200 DQ500 and are under development.

it has been tested on:
Golf 6R 2.0 TFSI F21
Golf R32 E18
Golf 6 2.0TDI F26
Developement – Mechatronic F22

The module 009 is a software module which is a function with a cable.

The additional hardware is absolutely necessary! Module 009 is delivered in conjunction with cable.
There is no suitable replacement DSG special cable to the case of loss under products.

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