ALL CAR RACING was founded in 1990 by Mario GARDANO, currently President of ANPEA (a national association of Italian electronic tuning) and adviser ASCAR (an association of supercar tuners). ALL CAR RACING is a leading company in electronic
tuning, producing highly competitive products intended to optimize the electronic management of all endothermic engines equipped with electric ignition/fuel-injection systems requiring better performance and low emissions.

Further to road cars applications, ALL CAR RACING’s activity is also linked to race cars, a field in which the company is having a great success both to national and worldwide level. Since its first year of activity, ALL CAR RACING
has been working very hard in order to operate in the field of Electronics for Automotive, completely “off limits” for all the firms that had’nt operated in the sector before and reserved only to large companies like BOSCH, IAW

On a global scale, it doesn’t exhist any specific literature on this subject except for what the above mentioned companies have released to the authorized garages using their electronic products, concerning only the hardware components
and not the software for the management of electric ignition/fuel-injection systems for vehicles in general.

Because of the continuous technological progress, we have made a constant work of REVERSE ENGINEERING together with tests on vehicles to get a better understanding of these management systems so as to make changes without making mistakes.
Almost all the gains obtained have been reinvested in research and development. Within the framework of these new technologies, only this company policy could bring ALL CAR RACING to achieve its current levels of knowledge, know-how
and experience that makes it a European leader.

ALL CAR RACING first introduced this new specialization on the Italian market showing its products at Bologna MOTOR SHOW in 1992. Since then 200 ALL CAR RACING’s authorized centres have been set up in Italy, 60 in Europe and others
in Argentine and Brazil. In Italy, the lack of a legislation in this sector protecting ALL CAR RACING’s work and ideas both software and hardware has caused the proliferation of other companies copying its basic idea and producing
very similar sofware

Here there are ALL CAR RACING’s winning cards: careful training of its customers, free assistance provided to all its authorized centres, constant research, extreme quality and high technology products.

Car manufacturers produce constantly different models and therefore their electronic providers have to adapt to the new situations creating more and more sophisticated products. ALL CAR RACING must play a leading role in that situation
being the first to find new solutions to best meet its customers needs or solve problems that might arose.


Mario GARDANO, Sole Administrator in Electronics and Computer Technology for more than 30 years, he has worked until 1983 for Automobile companies (GENERAL MOTORS), banks (COMIT, BANCA DEL FUCINO, BANCA NAZIONALE DELLE COMUNICAZIONI)
and Service companies (COM.ED, S.A.M.E.A., DI.M.E. etc.), then he has started his activity of entrepreneur (H.H.C. San Marino, H.H.C. Italiana, now ALL CAR RACING) and consulting both in Italy and abroad.

Marisa Valeria GIRALDI, Administrative Head, she has had 30 years experience working for manufacturing companies (A.O. BROZZI, etc.).

Enrico PAPINI, Technician Head, he has had more than 10 years experience working for H.H.C. Italiana first and then forALL CAR RACING S.r.l.

  • Core business and changesIf a new car is put on the market, in a few days time its electronic equipment may be subjected to changes in particular as far as the software for the electronic management is concerned. ALL CAR RACING
    does all its best to obtain that car model, buying it if absolutely necessary or hiring it from concessionaires,or borrowing it from customers or friends that offer their car to help ALL CAR RACING’s research.Missing the opportunity
    to develop a particular model, means losing leadership in the Automotive sector.For that reason ALL CAR RACING designs and produces itself additionnal MPUs. Sometimes ALL CAR RACING works in collaboration with firms or external
    software/hardware experts for the development of those additionnal MPUs so called because they are added to the standard management system to best meet the customer’s needs. It is non-conventional Electronics for particular
    purpose.ALL CAR RACING’s income results from advertising in the media and numerous editorials.ALL CAR RACING’s customers are:

Car owners unsatisfied with performance.

Teams, car tuners and drivers willing to improve engine performance.

Authorized garages and Concessionaires already trained by ALL CAR RACING but still requiring more hints and tips.

Companies or public enterprises willing to improve performance of their company cars. Armoured car owners willing to regain the engine power lost because of additional weight.

Police, Custom Services, Magistrates requiring for their cars more sprint, acceleration and power.

  • The competition In comparison with ALL CAR RACING, the competion in the automotive sector is technologically in an unfavourable position. Infact even if the competition can copy or remake ALL CAR RACING’s software it still hasn’t
    got enough experience and technology for making innovative products.The competition is generally organised as commercial firm, with a very spread sales activity. ALL CAR RACING’s sales activity is not so efficient at the moment
    because it’s not easy to find technical sellers in the sectors.ALL CAR RACING has recently signed sales agreement at a national level with some firms operating in sectors similar to automotive.

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