Tuning DPF


What is a DPF ? DPF means diesel particulate filter on some French vehicles is also known as FAP.

The particulate filter reduces the pollution of diesel vehicles by filtering the solid particles contained in the exhaust gases.

The most modern diesel cars are equipped with DPF / FAP systems.

The systems DPF / FAP are designed to reduce pollution only if they are able to work in optimal conditions … for example a regular motorway driving.

However, for the majority of drivers can cause many problems.

Short journeys and city driving can cause several regenerations , and subsequent premature clogging of the DPF.

During is working life , the filter becomes clogged by particles for accumulation of the following components:

• Soot from the exhaust

• Particles resulting from engine lubrication oil.

• Particles coming from engine wear.

When the filter becomes clogged , it is necessary a regeneration . The regeneration consists in periodically burning the accumulated particles in the filter.

The regeneration of the particlulate filter:

• Regeneration occurs naturally if the temperature of the exhaust gases is included in the range of values who are stored in the injection control unit memory.

• The regeneration , controlled by the car’s injection control unit , starts if the temperature of the exhaust gases is higher respect the above mentioned values in memory and the filter is clogged with particles.

• Some vehicles’ ecus start a overburning period injecting a bigger fuel quantity during the process of regeneration, others use EOLYS, a compound which is based on cerine, to add to the fuel, to lower the combustion temperature of the particles.

From time to time the filter can not regenerate on its own and a forced regeneration is required through the sales network with a diagnostic tool.

If a diesel particulate filter is heavily clogged, must be replaced with a new filter to avoid the temperature becomes very high and cause a fire danger.

There are many problems caused by particulate filters for diesel engines and, when they do not tolerate more regeneration the only option is to replace them, and this is not cheap.

If the vehicle is under warranty this is not a problem, but if the warranty is expired the option of replacement can be extremely expensive.

If you have any problems with the DPF and you are looking for a real solution, we can help you !

We offer a removal service software for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF / FAP).

We can remove the DPF control software from the ECU of your car reprogramming it.

Once the elimination of DPF was carried out the lights of the management dpf will be turned off and the regenerations will cease completely.

In addition you will have the benefits:

• Decrease in fuel consumption.

• Fewer restrictions in the exhaust system improves overall engine performance and, of course, you will avoid the expense of future repairs DPF.

As it is done to remove the DPF?

To remove the DPF control system , we must read the original software from the ECU of the vehicle, this is done by 90% through the OBD socket via an interface to a laptop. When the original software has been read, we can remove all DPF control system software, reprogramming the ECU.

The DPF can then be removed from the vehicle.

Now the vehicle will not attempt to regenerate, with a consequent reduction in consumption.

No DPF warning light or engine management will remain on the dashboard.



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