Chip Tuning Test on Dyno

Horsepower Analysis

Our Dyno Dynamics all wheel chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate method. When you have doubts about the performance of your engine we can offer you the exact value of power and torque by measuring in our dyno, even if you plan to tune it or not, if you tune it we can tell you the difference between before and after the tuning.
All this detail and live data can be printed and offer to the customer for your records.

Dyno Tuning

All Car Racing offer dyno tune so your vehicle can perform maximum horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range.
This way you can be sure of the gains that your engine was performing before and after our intervention. By our Logging systems, give our technicians important information during your vehicle’s dyno run so we can extract the best power possible on safe conditions.

Problem analyzer

All Car Racing can try to solve or discover an engine performance problem on our dyno, with the measure of the power and torque combined with all live data that we can get in most cases we can give a suggestion of the engine component that is not working fine, if we detect a lower output in power/torque and we will see what value is lower than normal(injection, air mass, air pressure, ignition, etc…)
This is the ultimate tool for doing a professional job, in case of interest to know how is your engine performing please contact us to book your dyno test.



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