Chip Tuning Concepts

What can we do for you?

Our offer consists of two different distribution channels:

For private clients

We can change the software of your car ECU via serial programming (OBD CANBUS), or by method BDM / BOOT mode or we can replace the flash memory with a tuned one.

The dealer

We offer quick editing of files sent to us, and upon request the necessary equipment (reader / programmer OBD K-line and CANBUS, and BOOT/BDM interfaces and finally EPROM programmers).

The communication with our company staff is immediate, we will send changed files in less than one hour, even until 20.00 PM Italian Time. The prices for tuned files are very competitive as the high quality (don’t esitate to contact us for resellers reserved prices).

Over 100 tuner all over the world utilyze our tuned files!

Chiptuning Concept:

The chip tuning is the software change of the engine control program located in the central control unit of the car (ECU).

In the terminology of electronics a “chip”, is an integrated circuit. Changing the data of the program value into the “chip” memory , is the operation called “chiptuning”.

The memory is usually included into an integrated circuit of a chip called EPROM or Flash-Eprom . In the latest generations of ECUs , the memory and the software can be included in the microcontroller’s memory.

Generally , the method of reading / writing the memory is indipendent for the final result – The most important tuning stage is the careful development of the tuned program.

The results of chiptuning, can be classified into two basic categories:

• chiptuning for cars with turbocharger or other type of forced induction,
• chiptuning for cars with a naturally aspirated engine, without any forced induction.

Usually, for a naturally aspirated engine (N / A) the increase is about 8% of power and about 8-10% of torque.

In a naturally aspirated engine we typically make a change of some basic parameters:

Fuel pressure, injection timing , ignition advance angle and calibration of the map of the lambda probe.

In some motors, the tuning of these parameters can give a good performance increase, but tuning the mentioned parameters is not possible for all ECU types.

From the user’s point of view, it is reasonable to combine mechanical and electronic modifications.

If the changes are well matched (for example, a camshaft and a sporty chiptuning custom made) the power gain can exceed 15% of the power and torque.

The Fuel consumption does not change but may decrease (as a result of the fact that a part of the power is obtained by the increase of the spark advance, without requiring more fuel).

For vehicles equipped with a turbocharger (both petrol and diesel engines), the increase of the power can be from 15% to 25%
In this case, in addition to the above parameters, the parameters on which you can operate are:

Turbo pressure, duty cycle overboost valve, etc etc. The fuel consumption decreases by approx. 5% for turbodiesel engine and increases by approx. 10% petrol engines turbo.

Most customers ask us why chiptuninig is so expensive?

The final price seems to be high considering that everything we do is to connect a laptop in your car. After all, this is all you see happening.

But before you arrive to program your ECU, much work has already been done. In some cases, it took months to reach a good software development of a product.
Also consider that this development is done with expensive equipment to test, launch, software, data logger and computer. Is not a job of five minutes.

Another point that many are not aware of is the price of the devices we use to interface with your car or ECU.

Each file has sold its inherent cost. You’ll want to look at the Web sites of our competitors and compare prices.

You will find that we offer a very reasonable price, and a more personalized experience and an exclusive service.

Another most asked question by customers is:

Why you don’t list the exact specifics of what you altered during the ECU’s remapping ?

The question of which parameters are altered, and theyr increase, is often a source of thousands topics in the web-forums for car tuning.

Some Companies are sometimes accused of hiding information, or accused of incompetence. This is far from the truth.

The specifications are not released because they are confidential informations. Especially when you are in a development phase.

They are commercially sensitive informations. Therefore, from this point of view, no chiptuner will give you the exact specifications.



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