BDM Reprogramming Tools

BDM 100 Module


As the access interface OBDII are more and more complicated exists for units with Motorola MPC555 – 565 a new possibility to be able to program. This generation of Motorola processors has a capacity of 448KB – 2MB of flash memory. This memory can be read and programmed only with a reader / writer eprom. This only takes place via the BDM interface, which must be present with the processor of this type of control units. They are usually 10 solder pads on the underside of the board. Alternatively you can have units with 12 or 14 solder pads that are powered directly through this connection. The equipment BDM100 connects these solder pads of the BDM port with the PC via USB WinOLS. It is powered by USB bus while the ECU needs its own supply of a + 12 V. To make contact using the metal template with its.

Currently the following units have been tested successfully with BDM100 (New):

Produttore Descrizione Esempio vettura Processore Eprom EEprom Testina
Bosch EDC16 VAG, BMW, MB, PSA MPC556 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM143
Bosch EDC16+ PSA, BMW MPC562 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch EDC16+ VAG MPC564 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM143
Bosch ME9 Volvo Volvo gasoline MPC562 M58BW016 ST95080 BDM143
Bosch ME9 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC555 2 x 28F800F3 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch ME9-2 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC564 M58BW016 BDM143
Bosch ME9-3 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC564 S29CD016 BDM143
Bosch ME9 MB MB SLK350 MPC564 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch MED9 VAG VAG 1.6/2.0L FSI MPC562 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch MED9.7 MB MB C 350 MPC564 M58BW32FB ST95080 BDM150.L*
Bosch EDC7 MAN, Iveco MPC556 ST95640 BDM143
Bosch BMS-K BMW K1200RS MPC562 M58BW016 BDM143
Caterpillar PPCCMF Massey Ferguson MPC555 AT25640 BDM142*
Delphi Jaguar, Ford 2.0TDCI MPC555 BDM142*
Delphi DCM3 MB, Kia, Ssangyong MPC564 ? ? BDM147*
Delphi Isuzu Dmax MPC561 M58BW016 AT25320 BDM149*
Marelli MJD Opel, Fiat MPC555 ST95320 BDM144*
Siemens SID201 Jaguar 2.7D MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID803 Volvo Diesel MPC555 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens MS45 BMW 6-Zyl. MPC555 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens MSS65 BMW M5 V10 MPC563 x 2 AM29BDD160 x 2 BDM141* + BDM144*
Siemens SIM266 MB A200 MPC561 AM29BDD160 BDM145*
Siemens Simos 6.x Audi A6 2.4L V6 MPC561 AM29BDD160 BDM146*
Siemens PPD1.1 VAG 2.0 TDI MPC561 AM29BDD160 BDM144*
Siemens MSV70 BMW 3.0i MPC563 AM29BDD160 ST95320 BDM141*
TRW EMS2 Volvo trucks, Renault trucks MPC565 ST95160 BDM148



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